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Comments and Reviews

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

"Jointly playing the Narrator are Carmen Risi and Laura Thoresen who play off and complement each other’s powerful voices."


"...Carmen Risi and Laura Thoresen are wonderful, whether telling the story to the children's choir, leading us through the various scenes or dancing along with the rest of the cast. Both actresses have remarkable voices, which is a hallmark shared by this entire cast."


Shinbone Alley


"Shortly before rehearsals began, I asked Carmen Risi to explore on her own some movement options for her portrayal of the titular character in the number "Song of the Moth." Carmen came to rehearsal with strong and wonderful ideas that we easily worked into the staging of the song.

It’s become one of my favorite moments in the show because it’s so honest and so simple. It’s as much an acting piece as it is a dancing piece. Perhaps even more so. And more’s the better. If it doesn’t tell the story and delineate character, it’s extraneous."

James Valcq, Director


They’re Playing Our Song

“Risi is a delight to watch” 

“vivacious, funny and sweet”
“makes you fall in love with Sonia” 

“some beautiful, connected moments”

And the World Goes Round

"All praise goes to the ensemble cast...especially Carmen Fisher [Risi]. Love them, love this show." 
Jay Rath, WI State Journal

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